Thursday, October 05, 2006

POSH by Tori

I just received my new POSH by Tori diaper bag and I love it so much I had to write a review on it! I got the "Mango Morroco" diaper bag and matching bangle clutch. These bags are absolutely gorgeuous! They are made with a beautiful silk brocade with black lining. There are a ton of pockets both inside and out so you can carry all of babies' essentials and then some! There are two outside bottle pockets on each end and two "slip-in" type pockets on the front. Inside you'll find ever more pockets to put anything you need. That way you are not just digging in an endless bottom tote looking for something! (Come on ladies! You know you've all been through that!) The strap length on the diaper bag is long enough so that the bag itself doesn't sit uncomfortably under your arm. The bangle clutch comes with a silver bangle handle for easier (and stylish!) carrying! These bags are so beautiful I don't know if I can use them as "everyday" bags! I'd be too afraid to put them down anywhere! POSH by Tori does have more "casual" styles to choose from. Oh! and don't let the "boxy"-ness fool you! The diaper bag is very "flexible" so it doesn't feel like you are carrying a box under your arm.

Absolutely gorgeous bags! You might find some of these available at The Baby Panda very soon!

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