Saturday, January 13, 2007

Little Baby's Treasures

Where do you keep all of your baby's keepsakes and treasures? Stuffed in a drawer where you keep telling yourself is just temporary...until you can find the time to put them in a nicer keepsake box? Let's face it, with all the demands of a newborn there is little time to create a beautiful box of memories. Why not let Shelly Luthi create it for you? Owner and creator of Baby's Little Keepsakes, Shelly creates beautiful baby keepsake boxes to keep all of your little ones treasures safe.

Choose from four baby colors: baby pink, baby blue, baby green and baby yellow. Each hand-painted box is adorned with a nickel plate frame that can be personalized with your baby's name. Inside you'll find delicate organdy envelopes and bags to hold each one of your baby's little keepsakes like their first blanket, first haircut trimmings, first teeth. Also included is a hand-stamped photo album to put all of their first birthday memories in, a silver picture frame with a green satin ribbon to hand on the tree for their first Christmas and many other treasures for your little one.

These beautifully handmade keepsake boxes will help you create a loving memory box full of your baby's little treasures. You'll cherish this box for a long time! Enter coupon code pbrdiscount to get 10% off your purchase!

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