Monday, May 11, 2009

HARO Has a New List!

Peter Shankman, creator of HARO, has created a new list. Its the HARO Gift Bag Product list! A great list for those of you who sell/create a product! Here is the information from Peter's site:

"This page allows you to sign up for the Gift Bag Product Page only, a completely separate list from the Help A Reporter Out list. The Gift Bag Product Request list is sent out only a few times a week, with requests from groups producing events, auctions, charity events, celebrity events, and the like. They ask for products to fill their gift bags, and if you make any product, or work for any company that does, this is a good list to be on, as well. Very low traffic, with only one or two emails a week being sent.
you see a gift bag query to which you can respond, do your homework! Ask them how many people are attending. How much product do they need? What kind of people receive it? Will there be media exposure? Only after you're 100% satisfied with the responses, should you send any product.
Remember: This is a NO-FEE-ONLY list. That means no one asking for product will EVER ask for a fee to put the products in the bag. If they do, forward us the email, and we'll do the appropriate butt-kicking, and remove them from the list permanently.
Finally - Want to sponsor the list? Email me - peter at shankman dot com. You all know how successful HARO advertising is. No doubt this is, as well.
Thanks for signing up!
Blue skies,
- Peter Shankman"

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