Monday, November 13, 2006

AIDS Awareness Brought to you by and and are partnering with Compassion International and YouthAIDS to create awareness throughout the country. PLEASE JOIN US! We will be releasing 50 Hint Mint Aids Awareness Series tins on World Aids Day - December 1, 2006 - to selected ChicBlvd readers, including established celebrities. Each person will take a mint and pass it to the next person until all 35 have been taken and the tin has reached the YouthAIDS Headquarters in Washington DC by January 1st. For each tin that reaches the headquarters, individual pledge amounts will be given to Compassion International and YouthAIDS to help fight AIDS, a pandemic infecting our world's children. We will be following along these journeys and documenting experiences, creativity and personal stories. Stay tuned to watch the tins and to get involved. Do YOU have what it takes to be one of the 50? We are inviting readers (on the list) to apply to be a "chain starter"... to inspire and enlist 35 additional people to take a mint and pass it on. Those who develop the most creative and inspiring idea will be selected to start the chain and carry the tin. If you'd like to apply, sign up for ChicMail then send your entry to Videos and photos encouraged! LET'S IMPACT OUR WORLD! Together, we can make a difference!

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