Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Label Your Sippy!

The BumpyName Orbit Label is a unique way to label your child's bottles, sippy cups and/or snack containers. It is made of a non-toxic rubber-like material and fits snugly around your container. "Engraved" with your child's name or custom message, you will never have to worry about accidental mix-ups that could cause germ spreading. AND -- label your containers once and be done with it! No more writing and rewriting your child's name. No more sticky residue from tape labels. These labels can outlive dishwashing, microwaving and boiling. They are easy to remove so you can use them as your child goes from bottle to sippy to cup!

If you choose any of the many (225 to be exact!) stock names, your package will come with 3 labels that includes Braille personalization. If you would like to customize your own labels you can specify up to two lines of text...great for indicating food allergies or even a telephone number! With the custom labels your package will come with 4 labels.

What an easy way to keep track of your child's sippy! Head on over to BumpyName and find your child's name. After you have placed your order, forward your order # and "The Baby Panda" in the subject line and they'll include a complimentary ID tag! Can't beat that!

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