Saturday, November 04, 2006

Beautiful Futures Gives Young Minds Ambition

Do you remember when you were a child and you had dreams to be a movie star? or maybe an astronaut...or perhaps the President of the United States? Young minds have wild imaginations that lead to having great aspirations of becoming something big when they grow up.

Kate Gaffin, founder and creative director of Beautiful Futures wanted to encourage these young minds. She created a line of arorable tees that announce, "One Day, I will be a Rock Star" and "One Day, I will be a Brain Surgeon". With many dreams to choose from you're sure to find what inspires your child..."everything is possible". And what proud parents you can be showing off how creative and ambitious your little ones are!

Tees come in two tone ringer rompers priced at $25 for boys and girls with sizes ranging from 3-6 months to 12-18 months and two tone raglans priced at $29 for boys and girls with sizes ranging from 2T to 8.
Shop Beautiful Futures now until November 30th and use coupon code PANDA to get 20% off.

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