Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don't squeeze the box!

My son learned how to drink from a straw before he turned one so we were into juice boxes pretty early. Unfortunately though, he didn't understand that if you squeezed the box, everything squirts out - making a mess! He did it over and over again. (Could be that he thought it was fun to see mommy clean it up!) My only solution was to hold the juice box for him while he drank it. Of course, now that he's older, he wants to hold his own juice box! He doesn't want mommy holding anything for him! So I found this great new invention by a fellow mom who also was tired of the sticky mess. Its the No Squeeze Juice box holder. Its also designed to fit in a cup holder so your child can enjoy his or her juice on the go. With the adjustable lid, you can enjoy all of the types and sizes of juice boxes and even bags out there! The cup also has a soft comfort grip, making it easier for little hands to hold. You can now enjoy the convenience of juice boxes and bags without having to clean up any sticky messes from squeezing the box at an affordable low price! The No Squeeze Juice box holder - squeeze all you want!

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